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Report: Cowboys limited Amari Cooper’s reps in fourth quarter against Eagles because he wasn’t playing well

Sources say the Cowboys benched Amari Cooper.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The end of the game against the Philadelphia Eagles was not pretty for the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, it was downright ugly. Their chances boiled down to a 4th and 8 attempt that they ultimately failed on. The Cowboys purposely left Amari Cooper off of the field on the play, and on Monday morning Jason Garrett explained that this was a decision partly made by Kellen Moore and Sanjay Lal. Still, though, it’s Amari freaking Cooper.

We’re talking about the wide receiver that saved the team’s season a year ago, the one who has made so many dynamic plays. Apparently, according to sources, the Cowboys were so disappointed with him throughout the game that they benched him during that final stretch. You know, the most important one of the season.

This is a curious decision if true. There have been various explanations for why he wasn’t on the field at the end, from his injuries limiting him, to receiver rotations on the two-minute offense, to fatigue from route-running at the end. This report ups the ante by saying they just didn’t think he was the best choice on the biggest play of the year.

What’s your call, BTB?

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