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With Kai Forbath going 6/6 on field goals, holding on to Brett Maher for so long was a mistake

The Cowboys should have made their move earlier.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Kai Forbath has made every single field goal that he has attempted for the Dallas Cowboys. Every single one. Now let’s not act like Forbath is 100 for 100, he’s six for six, but something that is indeed 100 is his accuracy percentage. That’s not too bad.

While the sample size is small, it’s clear that Forbath is a better field goal kicker than Brett Maher at the moment. Watching Forbath make field goals over these last two games has been a nice breath of fresh air, but it’s also been a reminder of what the Cowboys had going on before they made a switch at the position.

Forget that it’s Kai Forbath that has made all of his attempts with the Cowboys. The fact that someone, as in literally a human that is not Brett Maher, has come in and had success that is far greater than Maher’s is infuriating. Why is it so? Clearly it was not difficult for the Cowboys to improve at the position.

The first reported point in which the Cowboys worked out kickers to compete with Maher was after the Thanksgiving Day loss to the Buffalo Bills (they still kept Maher for one more week). That was Thanksgiving Day... as in late November.

So the question is why did it take the Cowboys so long to make the decision to move on from Maher? This is the problem with this team in a lot of ways, they hold on far too long either out of supreme loyalty or insane arrogance.

Dallas should have arguably moved on from Brett Maher before the season began. Like some other decisions, though, by the the time they acted it was ultimately too late to make a legitimate impact as the damage was done.

Another one bites the dust.

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