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The Cowboys may have delivered a lump of coal, but it’s still a Merry Christmas at BTB!

We all wish things were better, but let’s be thankful for some things.

Dallas Cowboys v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

This season was supposed to be great. We all agree there. Coming off a 2018 season that saw the Dallas Cowboys storm back into relevancy after the trade for Amari Cooper, it made sense to believe that this nucleus was capable of taking things the distance.

In hindsight there were definitely mistakes. The Cowboys might have trusted too much to a rookie offensive coordinator (although he certainly showed signs of promise) and may have bought into themselves more than they should have. They have had opportunity after opportunity this season to prove to the world - most importantly themselves - that they are a legit contender, but they have fallen short just about every time.

Still though, they are the Dallas Cowboys. I’m not saying that this means you should exonerate their mistakes, but the fact that they are who they are is literally what unites all of us here. That’s a pretty special thing.

The holidays generally have an added level of fun when the Cowboys are good and that’s definitely not the case right now (especially this week); however, they are still the holidays. We know that you are spending time with family, friends, and loved ones, and we just wanted to say that you are all of that to all of us here at BTB.

Thank you for choosing to experience the Dallas Cowboys with us. Merry Christmas.

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