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Jason Garrett discusses the health situation of Dak Prescott, DeMarcus Lawrence among others

Coach speaks about preparations for the final regular-season game.

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Now that the Christmas holiday is past, the Cowboys will return to their regular schedule, and that includes a Jason Garrett press conference. Let’s check in and see what he had to say. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Dak’s status

Jason Garrett noted that Dak Prescott will probably follow a similar routine that he has been lately. He said that he will be limited if he’s involved on Thursday and that he was not involved on Wednesday.

Any concern about Dak

Asked if he’s concerned about this process for Dak given that it didn’t yield a great performance last week, Garrett noted that the Cowboys are simply trying to put together the best overall process that they can. Guys get hurt and coach said they just have to do what they can do to prepare them for the game.

DeMarcus Lawrence, Tyron Smith, Joe Thomas status

“Probably won’t do much today”

Motivation for the team

Control is out of the Cowboys hands this week as they need help in order to win the NFC East. Asked if this effects how the coaches can motivate the team, Garrett said that the team is simply trying to play their best football.

Changes to Washington since last game

It’s been a long time since the Cowboys played the Washington Redskins and Garrett acknowledged this. He did say that he believes the DNA of the team is similar but that a lot of different guys are playing.

Kai Forbath

Asked if Kai Forbath’s success over two games has made the team think that they should have let go of Brett Maher sooner, Garrett said that the latter had done a great job for them at times and that they tried to make the best decision for the team at the time. He also commended Forbath’s performance.

What has Jason Witten meant to the Cowboys

It’s possible that Sunday at AT&T Stadium is the last game for Jason Witten (again). Garrett threw a lot of kudos Witten’s way when he first retired and he noted that the tight end is among the greatest players in Dallas Cowboys history and one of the greats in the NFL. He talked about his work ethic and his consistency.

Has Witten’s performance been surprising

Garrett noted that he has been fortunate to be around Jason Witten for as long as he has and that the way Witten has worked over time has inspired a lot of confidence. He acknowledged that these were strange circumstances with Witten missing last season but that he’s given his all throughout the year and has performed as both a blocker and receiver.

Sean Lee has been fantastic

Garrett said Lee is a “rare guy” as far as NFL players go. Lee has done a great job of being what the Cowboys needed him to be this season, he got his body right and was ready to play whether is was at the SAM or WILL. He talked about his preparation and instincts as being among the best around.

Has Witten been appreciating the moments?

Jason Witten said that he wanted to appreciate the moment when he came back to the Cowboys and when asked if he thought that was the case Jason Garrett said “if that’s the case it’s not like he’s blogging about it.”


Final regular season game of Garrett’s contract

Asked what the approach is the final regular season game on his current contract Jason Garrett noted that he is approaching things the way that he always does. Asked when he considers his future he responded “I guess at some point in the future.”

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