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Dallas Cowboys fans literally have 1% confidence in the direction of the team

Are you in the 1%?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This season served as the second one in a row that SB Nation tracked the confidence of fans everywhere with a tool called FanPulse. You can sign up to be part of those polled with FanPulse right here, but know those that are being polled are feeling quite down these days. Who can blame them?

The Cowboys entered their Week 16 game against the Philadelphia Eagles knowing that a victory would give them a second straight NFC East title. Not only did they not win, they completely floundered and embarrassed themselves against their most bitter rivals.

Winning a division title would have been nice, but it wouldn’t have masked what has otherwise been a very disappointing season for the Cowboys. Consider the confidence levels of Cowboys fans throughout this ride.

Dallas Cowboys fans confidence by week

  • Week 1: 78%
  • Week 2: 94%
  • Week 3: 96%
  • Week 4: 95%
  • Week 5: 65%
  • Week 6: 22%
  • Week 7: 9%
  • Week 8: 57%
  • Week 9: 64%
  • Week 10: 60%
  • Week 11: 7%
  • Week 12: 41%
  • Week 13: 11%
  • Week 14: 7%
  • Week 15: 3%
  • Week 16: 22%
  • Week 17: 1%

As you can see we are at a season-low, and it’s hard to see how that couldn’t be the case. The future of the Cowboys is uncertain right now and while that could bring promise, right now there are only questions.

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