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Jason Garrett talks injuries and scoreboard watching concerning Sunday’s game

In what could be his final Friday press conference for the Cowboys, coach Jason Garrett speaks.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

With the Cowboys regular-season finale on Sunday, and working without a new contract for next year, Jason Garrett just might have given his last Friday press conference as coach in Dallas. He is what he had to say as the team prepares for Washington. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Dak Prescott status

We’re taking it day by day, if he practices today it will be limited. It’s similar to last week but the fact he’s participated in the walk-thrus this week is different.

Malcolm Smith’s contribution

He did a great job last week, a vet and a real pro. His preparation was off the charts and he was physically in shape so was able to practice and play a lot of reps in the game. He’s a smart player and did a fantastic job.

Ray-Ray Armstrong’s potential participation this week

He has to be ready to play different spots if he’s active and will have a role on special teams. Joe Thomas has been limited all week long.

Tyron Smith’s status

Don’t anticipate him doing much today. He’s dealt with this injury before and is as tough as they come. He’s doing everything he can to be ready.

Scoreboard watching

Asked if he has any sort of policy on watching the scoreboard (the Cowboys need the Eagles to lose last week) Garrett said they specifically have to focus on themselves and that they haven't discussed operationally what they’ll do about the scoreboard during the game.

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