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We could be waiting a little while to see what Sean Lee wants to do about playing in 2020

The General will take his time.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There is so much unknown surrounding the Dallas Cowboys right now. That’s what happens when you’re a team stuck in limbo. Dallas could be a playoff team or they could be packing up their lockers on Monday. What’s more is that they could be without a head coach soon after that, and a little while later they could see franchise cornerstones move on to different ventures in life.

On the subject of that last one, the writing is starting to appear on the wall given the circumstances surrounding the Dallas Cowboys of this week. As a result, longtime players like Sean Lee are being asked about the state of their future and Lee is someone who’s future is a bit uncertain.

It’s possible that The General could join the coaching staff in Dallas, but given that we don’t know who the head coach will be in 2020 certainly makes that complicated. It’s obviously an option for Lee to take a year away from football entirely, and of course he could always try and play for an 11th season if the Cowboys wanted him.

Whatever Lee decides to do, it seems that he is going to take his time to figure it out. During Friday’s media availability with local reporters he noted that he could take up until March to figure out his future.

Obviously it would be nice to know what Lee’s plans are as soon as possible, especially if he does want to keep playing. If anything like that is an option then the Cowboys need to make proper plans and preparations either in free agency or in the draft, but March does seem fair as it gives Lee time to figure things out before things really get going.

Of course, Bill Parcells used to say of players that once they’re thinking about retiring, they are retired. Sean Lee has had high points during his latest season with the Cowboys, maybe he wants a few more before he ultimately hangs them up.

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