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It’s hard to see, but the Cowboys are in a place that is win-win

Let’s consider exactly where the Cowboys are.

Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-6. They’ve lost two games in a row. They lost to the New York Jets earlier this season. At times they have been really bad.

Somehow, some way, the exact same Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East with four games left in the season. This is overwhelmingly due to the fact that the rest of the division is garbage, but this has put the team in a place that ultimately is kind of a win-win.

It seems almost certain that someone else will be coaching the Cowboys in 2020

Anything can happen (this will be a theme of our conversation right now), but barring something drastic it appears as if Jason Garrett will be out as the Dallas Cowboys head coach when this season ends.

This isn’t about losing to the Jets, Vikings, or Bills, it’s about a decade’s worth of losses that have added up and added up and simply are too much. The powers that be seem to finally realize it.

You’re likely wondering why Jason Garrett is still the Cowboys head coach at this moment then. That all has to do with the status of the NFC East. Considering the fact that Dallas is a month from potentially falling backwards into a playoff spot, it’s hard to justify wrecking the current team’s potential if they do get into the “anything can happen” tournament that is the playoffs.

The thing is, even if that happens, we’re at the point where that alone doesn’t seem like enough for Jason Garrett. Obviously anything can change but it really does seem as if Garrett has to win the Super Bowl in order to stay. And you know what, if he wins the Super Bowl then we’re all going to be pretty happy.

Winning the division is never a bad thing, so we should enjoy it

If the Cowboys ultimately do win the division then hey, there’s a hat and t-shirt that you can ask for on your Christmas list. While it would lower the Cowboys draft position for next year’s regime ultimately it would be a good thing for the nucleus of players here. Plus nobody wants to see the Eagles win it.

There are plenty of people who were out on Jason Garrett long before this season began. While I’m not saying that it has been fun to watch this team lose the games that they have, hasn’t it been for the collective good in that regard that it has shown how the team is limited to a degree under Garrett? Had the Cowboys stormed to a double-digit win total this season (with the other three teams crumbling around them) it’s possible that the front office would have jumped to extend Garrett due to seeing that success.

This idea sounds weird I know, but it might have been the most ideal result when you consider both the short- and long-term goals of the Cowboys. In the here and now, they get into the playoffs where they could go on a magical run and with regards to the future, they have realized that they have to move on.

Consider these last four games where all of this is possible like the final days before you’re going to go on a diet. You know that you’re going to be making changes soon enough but you can enjoy everything that you’re going to work off following it.

Who wants to eat?

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