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Jason Garrett discusses the play of Cowboys draft pick Trysten Hill

Coach Garrett speaks!

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

One more press conference before the Cowboys head out to Chicago to take on the Bears. Let’s see what Jason Garrett had to say. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Randall Cobb was sick on Monday

He’s anticipated to practice today.

Other injuries

Leighton Vander Esch, Antwaun Woods will be limited if they do anything today.

What’s the decision process on LVE?

Jason Garrett said he was not the expert on this, but that you don’t want anything to be symptomatic. They just keep getting his feedback and certain things still bother him so they are being patient.

Outside practice again

Coach noted that they can’t simulate the weather in Chicago but they can get used to the grass field up there by practicing outside.

Tyron Smith injury

His Achilles is bothering him so he will likely be limited today.

Dak Prescott commented that ‘talk is cheap’

Dak is an outstanding leader. He has traits like lead by example, no one works harder on this team, his preparation each day. He is also consistent with success or adversity and the players rally around that.

How did Trysten Hill do in the game?

He did a good job. He was fundamentally sound and disciplined. He also made a few plays. There is no doubt he is getting better and better. He did a good job sticking with the A-gap if that was the call, he showed discipline and he can be disruptive. We’ll see if he’s active this week, last game he was up because Woods couldn’t go so we’ll see.

Amari Cooper fighting through injuries

A lot of guys are dealing with injuries and they have to keep going. Amari has done a good job dealing with his and it shows mental toughness.

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