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Report: Cowboys expected to inform Jason Garrett on Monday that he will no longer be their head coach

It looks like the inevitable Cowboys coaching change is happening.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

This has been inevitable for some time now, it is only now starting to become official. It was very doubtful that Jason Garrett would return as the Dallas Cowboys head coach in 2020, and it appears that the team is now ready to crystallize that thought.

While there has already been some movement for NFL head coaches, it is the NFC East that has seemingly been the most busy. The Washington Redskins have had a head coaching vacancy for some time now, and they are expected to hire Ron Rivera to fill that role.

Elsewhere in the East, the New York Giants have fired Pat Shurmur which gives them an opening at the top as well. Jason Garrett has long been thought to be the coach that the G-Men would covet if he ultimately did not receive a new contract with the Cowboys, and according to one report, he will officially find out later on Monday that he won’t.

This isn’t exactly breaking news but we are starting to hear definitive times as far as when the Cowboys are going to start the moving on process with regards to the last decade of head coaching. Dallas failed to qualify for the playoffs which means Monday will be a lot of interviews and meetings, perhaps they are simply waiting until all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before getting on with it.

If Ron Rivera does indeed get the job in Washington, it makes some sense to assume that Dallas didn’t really want him as their head coach because if they did they would have made all of these moves sooner.

We will keep you updated as information unfolds all day/week/offseason long here at BTB.

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