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Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones both cancelled their Tuesday radio appearances following season’s end

That’s interesting.

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins

As of Monday afternoon at about 5pm ET the first full business day of the Dallas Cowboys offseason seemingly came to a close.

There were a lot of reports about what did or did not happen at The Star in Frisco, but for now have not been any significant changes or announcements from the Dallas Cowboys.

Head coach - for now - Jason Garrett took to the radio airwaves of 105.3 The Fan on Monday morning as is the norm for him on days after a game, and it’s typically Tuesday when both Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones offer their thoughts to the world through the same platform.

That will not be happening this week. Both Jerry and Stephen cancelled their appearances. Hmm.

It’s hard to know exactly what this means. A fair assumption is that the Cowboys are planning on making their Garrett move and do not want to have to talk about it publicly, but it is just so hard to know with this team.

There is already action happening with the Cowboys coaching staff as Kris Richard is expected to interview for the vacant New York Giants job on Thursday. For what it’s worth ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported on Monday that this whole thing could probably go on for another 24 hours “just out of respect” and that this is partly why the cancellations happened.

We have a lot of waiting to do.

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