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2020 Dallas Cowboys futures contracts tracker

Here are all of the names we know the Cowboys are signing.g.

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The 2019 Dallas Cowboys regular season is over which means that focus has officially shifted to 2020. Much remains to be learned about the state of next season’s team, but we have a lot of time to figure that out.

There are plenty of coaching and personnel decisions that the Cowboys will have to make over the course of the next few months. Part of that process involves churning the roster and a detail within that is futures contracts.

What are futures contracts, exactly? This breakdown from Bleacher Report from a couple of years ago is a great refresher if you’ve forgotten. Here are the important parts.

It’s the same as a regular active-roster contract, with the regular rules for minimum veteran salaries, cap charges, signing bonuses, etc. The only difference is that it doesn’t take effect until the start of the next League Year.

Teams can sign players to futures contracts as soon as the previous regular season is over, but the contract won’t count against the salary cap or 53-man limit. Instead, it’ll count against the salary cap and 90-man camp limit of the following season.

In the meantime, the player goes on the reserve/futures list and can’t be signed by any other team.

There are definitely undrafted free agents and practice squad players that the Cowboys like and will therefore sign to futures contracts. News of these will trickle out over the next few days so this will serve as our tracker for them.

Here is the list as of now. (Last updated Thursday, January 2nd at 5:00pm ET)

We will continue to update this post as more names become available.

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