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Report: No news coming Tuesday from Dallas Cowboys on Jason Garrett front, another meeting will happen

Still no decision on Jason Garrett’s future.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

When the Dallas Cowboys season ended on Sunday it left everyone thinking that Monday would bring with it a particular announcement. What announcement? Well, the most obvious one. 2019 was a contract year for Jason Garrett and the Cowboys season imploded in a way that didn’t bring the asked for improvement that Jerry Jones voiced in the offseason. It made sense that Dallas would finally acknowledge change was necessary and that they would be moving on from Garrett.

That did not happen on Monday to the surprise of many people. People began to discuss how the Joneses wanted to give Garrett time to say his proper goodbyes and what not, there is some admiration in that. He’s been around for a long time and has a lot of deep relationships. But you know what? This isn’t a surprise. This inevitability has been known for some time.

In spite of that, we will have to wait yet another day. NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported that there is likely no news coming during the second day of the offseason. Ian Rapoport added that the meeting lasted an hour and that there is still “no resolution.”

What is there to resolve in all honesty? This shouldn’t be a discussion or a debate between the Joneses and Jason Garrett (who even reportedly said goodbye to people on Tuesday). The process here should simply be a decision. A one-way move. There is nothing to resolve.

Apparently there is in the eyes of the Cowboys, which means we will have to wait and that, yes, there will be another meeting. According to the Dallas Morning News the Cowboys and Garrett will meet again at some point to be determined later.

There are people that believe that Jerry Jones is simply playing chess while everyone is playing checkers with all of this stalling. That Jerry might believe Jason Garrett to be such a great coach that he is worried about him winding up somewhere, especially with a division rival, and that he is simply playing defense by dragging things out like this. That’s... uh, a theory.

Another theory that many have presented is that the Cowboys and Jason Garrett are discussing a front office role of sorts. It’s hard to know or guess anything as we are almost 48 hours into the wilderness of confusion that we never anticipated being in.

We’ll continue to update you here at BTB as more information becomes available. What do you think is happening?

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