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A majority of football fans believe the Cowboys will win the NFC East over the Eagles

Cowboys are the favorites according to the masses.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There is no getting around it. Confidence is low among Dallas Cowboys fans.

It’s not just that the team has lost two games in a row, it’s the way that they’ve lost. These Cowboys are supposed to be a team that could conceivably win a Super Bowl yet they find themselves unable to beat a team with a winning record. That’s no bueno.

How do we know that confidence is low among Cowboys fans, though? Well, besides the obvious,, we literally track this with SB Nation’s FanPulse tool (sign up to be part of those polled right here).

All season long we’ve seen this go up and down as the Cowboys have won and lost. Considering they have lost two huge games in a row things aren’t exactly great around the water cooler, especially with the second of those being on Thanksgiving Day in front of the whole world.

Are the Cowboys bad, or are they just not as good as some other teams? It’s a difficult question to answer because we’ve seen Dallas have their way with squads that are inferior to them but crater when the going has gotten tough. Are they getting in their own way or are they just simply not good enough based on their own talents and merit?

A majority of fans believe that the Cowboys will win the division

However you choose to answer this question the reality is that thanks to the horrible NFC East that the Cowboys play in, they are in first place. And what’s more is that if the playoffs began today the 6-6 Cowboys would host the 10-2 San Francisco 49ers in the Wildcard Round. Life is funny like that sometimes.

While Cowboys fans might be down on their own team, the rest of football fans are not, at least in comparison to the Eagles. Every week FanPulse asks a few national questions related to teams based on what’s happening across the NFL and this week one of the questions was who will win the NFC East.

A majority, a significant one, of people believe that the Dallas Cowboys will win the division.

Dallas doesn’t have to do much to win the NFC East to be honest. As long as they beat the Eagles in their second game against them this season they can practically sleep walk to a repeat NFC East crown. Even if they lose that game it’s still very possible that they host a playoff game, the division and Eagles are that bad.

Everyone throughout the division is feeling just as bad as we are

The NFC East is definitely sorry in the win column, and the temperature of each fan base reflects that. Things are going to get really weird in Week 14 considering Eli Manning will likely be playing for the New York Giants (against the Eagles no less!) on Monday night, but overall things are a disaster everywhere.

Here is how each NFC East fanbase is feeling according to FanPulse. We’ve also included how Chicago Bears fans are feeling considering they are this week’s opponent.

Time will tell who ultimately wins this division and what they’re able to do in the playoffs. The NFL is a funny thing and often times crummy teams show up when you least expect them to.

Let’s hope that’s the case with the Dallas Cowboys.

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