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The Dallas Cowboys have not scored a second or third quarter touchdown in three full games

An indictment of the Cowboys offense.

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

There are a lot of fingers pointing in a lot of directions when it comes to where to place blame for the 2019 Dallas Cowboys. They are losers of three straight, are teetering on the brink of total implosion, and they are seemingly going to be an organization looking for a new head coach sooner rather than later. Where did it all go wrong?

Defensively the Cowboys are a disaster. Mitchell Trubisky had 80 yards rushing on the season before his Chicago Bears hosted Dallas; he managed to scamper for 63 yards just against the Hot Boyz. Special teams have been unbelievably bad all season long, but they’ve really come under fire over the three-game losing streak.

What about these last three weeks, though? When you lose it’s because you score less points than your opponent and the Cowboys have definitely not been doing a whole lot of scoring as of late.

For some reason, probably because I hate good things, I wanted to see just when the Cowboys were scoring. Over their last three games they have a whopping five total touchdowns.

That’s... bad. Consider that the Cowboys scored five touchdowns in their first game of the season, but you’re not always going to go off like that. Still, though, you simply cannot score at that low of a frequency, but what’s particularly depressing is that perhaps 60% of those scores have come in garbage time.

Dallas Cowboys touchdowns by quarter over the last three weeks

  • 1st Quarter: 2 total touchdowns
  • 2nd Quarter: 0 total touchdowns
  • 3rd Quarter: 0 total touchdowns
  • 4th Quarter: 3 total touchdowns

You’re not reading that incorrectly. The Dallas Cowboys have failed to score a touchdown in the six total quarters (all three seconds and all three thirds) that border halftime over the last three games. That’s abysmal.

Dallas didn’t score a single touchdown during their game in New England so that game is its own individual level of depressing. They managed to, surprisingly, score on their opening possessions against both Buffalo and Chicago, but after that they weren’t heard from again until the games were seemingly out of reach.

The Cowboys scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter on Thanksgiving but as mentioned, it was a pretty classic garbage time score. They recently got two touchdowns in the fourth quarter on Thursday night, but again things were pretty decisively in Chicago’s favor by that point in the game.

If we are to eliminate, or at the very least, discount the three touchdowns that have come in the fourth quarter over the last three weeks, that leaves us with two legitimate and quality touchdowns from the Dallas Cowboys... over three whole weeks. That is simply unacceptable. It’s worse than that. It’s categorically awful.

Plenty of us have spent time hoisting the team’s offense up and praising them for the successes that they’ve had this season. While they’ve definitely done some solid things and experienced high points they have absolutely cratered when the team has needed wins the most.

It’s time to hold them accountable for that.

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