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Different week, same story: Cowboys reportedly expected to keep Jason Garrett through season

We are living in a simulation.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have lost their last three games in a row. They are not a good football team right now.

Miraculously, though, the Cowboys are in legitimate contention to win their division. You know what they say, the NFC East is just different. It’s for this reason, and for this reason alone seemingly, that Jason Garrett is still employed by the Cowboys as the man in charge of their football team.

There are many people calling for the Cowboys to part ways with Garrett despite a division lead with three games left to play. There are certainly merits to winning a division and no one can deny that anything truly is possible for the 12 teams that make the postseason, but the play shown by the Cowboys over the last couple of weeks has been troubling to the point that just about everybody feels like they’ve seen enough.

Don’t lump the Jones family into that group, though. Per the latest report from NFL Network, the Cowboys are expected to keep Jason Garrett on through the end of the season.

This isn’t breaking news by any means, but national outlets and reporters are starting to acknowledge that it does feel like Garrett and the Cowboys are headed for a “divorce.” Ian Rapoport notes in this report that it would take something like reaching the NFC Championship Game for Garrett to stay, but it’s likely that you reading this probably feel that even that - a worthy accomplishment and one this franchise hasn’t seen in almost a quarter of a century - wouldn’t be enough to justify the overall product that is Jason Garrett’s career with Dallas.

For what it’s worth, Rapoport does note that this window gives the Cowboys to get their ducks in a row so to speak with potential new head coaches. It’s been reported that they have interest in Urban Meyer, Oklahoma Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley, and Clemson co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott.

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