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It feels like all Dallas Cowboys fans feel the same way right now

Do you agree that it’s time?

There are still three games remaining in the regular season for the Dallas Cowboys and due to the ineptitude around them (they have their fair share on their own) in the NFC East, there might actually be football beyond that.

The NFC East is a breeding ground for mediocrity in 2019 and even that’s being kind. If the Cowboys do manage to win the division, odds are that they’re going to get embarrassed at home in front of the San Francisco 49ers or Seattle Seahawks, but still that hope exists.

It’s this hope that has seemingly kept Jerry Jones from moving on from Jason Garrett before season’s end. While there is logic (very little) to that idea, the reality is that the Cowboys look like a team that is spent.

We discussed this very idea in the latest video on the BTB YouTube Channel. It’s officially time to move on from Jason Garrett. Do you agree?

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