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So many people bet on the Rams as underdogs (+3) against the Cowboys that the line is now even

Follow the money.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Odds for a given NFL week generally come out before the previous week’s Sunday night game. Such was the case this past Sunday when our friends at BetOnline announced that the Dallas Cowboys were favored by three points for their Week 15 game against the Los Angeles Rams. Hours later the Rams took care of the Seattle Seahawks on national television.

If you took one look at Twitter you likely saw one of the many people saying some derivative of “HOW?!” because, well, it’s ridiculous to think that the Cowboys should be favored at all over the Rams. For what it’s worth, Dallas is the home team which is generally an automatic three-point advantage so oddsmakers seemingly thought that the two teams would be even on a neutral field. That has changed.

So many people took the Rams as three-point underdogs that oddsmakers have shifted this to a pick ‘em. That many people were shocked at all of the free money that they could get this Sunday.

We’ll see if the Cowboys are able to prove them wrong.

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