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The Earl Thomas to Dallas speculation is alive and well once more

The story lives on, Earl Thomas and Dallas are dancing.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest things to not happen to the Dallas Cowboys over the last few years is unquestionably acquiring Earl Thomas in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks.

This isn’t to say that the Cowboys didn’t try to land the former Texas Longhorn as talks between them and the Pacific Northwest happened a lot last season. Fast forward a year and Earl Thomas is set to be a free agent so his visiting Jason Garrett on Christmas Eve 2017 is a bread crumb that could actually lead to a final trail once and for all.

It’s easy to connect Thomas to the Cowboys this free agency season because, well, they’ve been eyeing each other for a long time. On Tuesday’s episode of NFL Total Access, Willie McGinest took the great leap of matching the two together when discussing where certain soon-to-be free agents could wind up. What’s more is that Thomas himself shared the segment on his own Instagram profile.

You’ll note that in his caption Thomas says that he’s “embracing the process and waiting with anticipation” which could mean that he is in fact ready to welcome the entire process of free agency. This could include talking with and/or visiting teams that aren’t the Dallas Cowboys, he was rumored to be connected to the Kansas City Chiefs at one point, or it could just mean that he’s counting down the days until he moves his equipment into The Star in Frisco.

We’re about a month from free agency beginning which means there’s about 30 days of idle time for Thomas and others to spend on Instagram and the like. Between now and then expect more rumors, discussions, and speculation... so basically more of the same!

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