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One NFL insider boldly predicts Odell Beckham Jr. will be traded this offseason

Could OBJ be leaving the NFC East?

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NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

If you were to rank the players in the NFC East from most talented to least talented, one near the top would unquestionably New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr..

OBJ is a threat that the Cowboys have had to deal with for five years now (time sure does fly) and considering his young age of 26-years-old they’ll have to continue dealing with him for a long time. Or will they?

During an offseason mailbag over at The Athletic, NFL insider Jay Glazer was asked to give a bold prediction as to things that will happen over the next few months. His answer is one that could impact the Cowboys to a large degree. He believes OBJ could be traded.

I predict Odell Beckham Jr. gets traded this off-season. I think that’s bold enough.

Beckham Jr. stayed somewhat quiet on the prediction, although he did offer his thoughts via emoji on his Twitter.

Dallas has won four of their seven matchups against the Giants when OBJ has played, although save for his rookie season he hasn’t exactly had his greatest performances against America’s Team. Beckham Jr. is one of the league’s premier wide receivers but for the most part the Cowboys have held him in check when they’ve squared off.

  • 2014 (at Dallas): 4 receptions, 34 yards, 2 touchdowns
  • 2014 (in New York): 10 catches, 146 yards, 2 touchdowns
  • 2015 (at Dallas): 5 receptions, 44 yards
  • 2015 (in New York): 4 receptions, 35 yards
  • 2016 (at Dallas): 4 receptions, 73 yards
  • 2016 (in New York): 4 receptions, 94 yards, 1 touchdown
  • 2018 (at Dallas): 4 receptions, 51 yards

Should the Giants in fact trade him, it would drastically hinder their offense which they just improved by drafting the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year in Saquon Barkley. Moving on from their star wideout would definitely be a step backwards which is theoretically already on the way (and arguably happening at the moment) when New York finally transitions away from Eli Manning at quarterback. On the other hand, you would guess the Giants would receive some nice draft pick compensation for OBJ which they could use to replenish their coffers.

Truthfully the Giants haven’t posed the greatest threat to the Cowboys in the OBJ era although they did sweep Dallas in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott’s debut season. Outside of that, they’ve been just another team on the schedule, but them moving on from a player of this caliber would hardly make us sad.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is already thought to be someone who will be traded this offseason. If Beckham Jr. is also moved it will make for one of the more wild trading seasons that we’ve seen in some time.

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