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Travis Frederick details his recovery, and talks about why he could be even better now

We get the most detailed look yet at Travis Frederick’s recovery.

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Recently we posted a clip with Travis Frederick where he discussed his return to the Cowboys and how he believed he was 90-95% of the way there. His hope is to be able to participate in the offseason programs when they begin in March-April. It goes without saying how having Fredrick back in the lineup would improve the Cowboys offensive line. No shade being thrown at Joe Looney, but Frederick is among the best centers in the league. His ability would absolutely change things for the Cowboys up front.

Frederick recently discussed his recovery in more detail. He feels like his upper body has recovered as far as the nerve problems associated with Guillain-Barré are concerned, it’s now just about building back the strength.

“Once you get to a certain point, then you’re regaining your strength that you lost vs. the electrical connection that you lost,” Frederick said. “I certainly hit that point in my upper body, which is actually a good thing when you hit that point where you slow down because that means the electrical connection is there and now it’s just building back any strength that you’ve lost. We’re at a point that’s very passable and very usable.”

The one thing that is still not back to where he wants it to be is the explosion from the lower part of his body.

“As far as lower [body] goes, I’m at the point [where] I was missing a little bit of explosion, but that’s the last part of it. The connection is there, now we’re just speeding up the connection.

”That’s the last part of the healing process.”

He’s not sure just where is he is in that part of the process, he is following a very strict routine.

“Now am I running at my top speed? I don’t know because I’ve not hit that number. Am I jumping as high as I have? I’m not sure yet. Like I said, once we get back in March and April we’ll get a good feel on where things are.

”As far as football movements, I do feel real good about that.”

Barring any kind of setback, it certainly looks like Frederick will be back this season. We won’t know for sure if he’s the same player physically until he practices and ultimately participates in games, starting with the preseason. If he is back 100% physically when the season rolls around, he might just end up being a better player because of his bout with Guillain-Barré. Already considered the quarterback of the offensive line and one of the players with the highest football IQ on the team, that part of his game might have improved.

He also began to look at how defenses disguise pressure and coverage packages differently.

”It’s really hard as a player when you’re focused on the very particular, the minute details of what a blitz looks like, for you to get a chance to peek out at the secondary,” Frederick said. “But when you step back and take a look at all of that, now I know that instead of looking at the defensive tackle per se maybe I need to look at a backside safety in this part of pressure.”

An improved Frederick? that truly would be remarkable.

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