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Pacman Jones: I love Amari Cooper, man. If I had to pick a guy he’d be on my team.

Amari Cooper has a fan in former Cowboy Pacman Jones.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot of athletes, stars, musicians, and the like hovering around Radio Row in the week leading up to Super Bowl LIII.

Among the many bouncing around was a former member of the Cowboys secondary, the one and only Adam “Pacman” Jones. We actually had Pacman on the show that I was helping produce on ESPN San Antonio (he was really nice) and he talked a lot about his desire to play one more NFL season.

Pacman did interviews with lots of people during his day in Atlanta and one of them made its way through some channels that has to do with the current version of America’s Team. Jones was asked about Amari Cooper, you might remember that the two had a scuffle in Cooper’s first-ever NFL game.

Since then, the last three and a half years, perception has always been that there is some dislike for one another between Amari and Pacman. The latter put that to bed as he expressed a great deal of admiration for the Cowboys star receiver (the Cooper talk starts at 2:13).

Pacman goes on to talk about how impressed he is with Cooper’s game, noting that if he “had to pick a guy” that Cooper would be on his team. There’s no doubt that there’s a respect from Pacman towards Cooper, respect can be found in all sorts of places.

We’ll see if Pacman finds an NFL roster spot this season.

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