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Energize your football watching experience with this “must have” Super Bowl Challenge sheet

Want to spice up your Super Bowl party? Look no further than this exciting challenge sheet that will keep you interested from start to finish.

Back in 1995, Cowboys fans were spoiled after three of the past four Super Bowls consisted of watching America’s Team take home the big prize. What a time that was. The Super Bowl was such a big thing back then. Needless to say it was a sad time when the 1996 season did not have our beloved Cowboys in the big game. Just like that, the Super Bowl had lost it’s luster for this fan. But that didn’t stop me from trying to turn that big day into something my friends and I could have a rooting interest in. Behold... the birth of the Super Bowl Challenge.

For 23 years now I have put together a fun little game to make the Super Bowl experience more enjoyable. It’s a question sheet that is filled with a bunch of different topics about the Super Bowl. Most of them are related to the game itself, but then there are some fun non-football questions like a commercial survivor one where you have to guess which celebrity’s commercial will air last. When the answers reveal themselves, the crowd at our party will cheer or moan based on whether or not they correctly answered the question. People who aren’t even that into football love the competition of the challenge sheet. For years this fun little game has made our Super Bowl experience a lot more exciting and we are glad to pass the fun on to you. Here is this year’s challenge sheet:

Thanks to Landon Haaf from WFAA Sports for all the great graphic work spicing up the challenge sheet. Last year, they put together a nice little video to explain how it works. Feel free to check it out here.

If you’re having a Super Bowl party, this game is a must have. Every year, I get requests from people all over the country wanting a copy of the game. Once you play it, it will become a regular thing at your party. This game has been used as a fundraiser for my daughter’s basketball team and has even been used by the actress Shanola Hampton from Showtime’s Shameless for her Super Bowl party as her husband (you might know him as Shango) is a big Cowboys fan.

If you want something a little more printer-friendly that won’t use up quite as much ink, here is my original copy.

Enjoy the game!

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