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Cowboys News: Jerry Jones says relationship with DeMarcus Lawrence is “outstanding”

The news of the day for the Cowboys.

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jon Machota has the quote from Jerry Jones discussing his relationship with DeMarcus Lawrence. We noted yesterday how Lawrence isn’t going to sign a second franchise tag contract, and there was speculation about whether the Cowboys could reach a deal with Lawrence in time. Those specifics still need to be worked out but Jerry says it’s all good between he and Lawrence.

DeMarcus Lawrence isn’t committing to anything absent new deal - Charean Williams, NBC Sports

DeMarcus Lawrence is the biggest impending free agent for the Cowboys this offseason after playing 2018 on the franchise tag. Amid rumors that the Cowboys might be thinking of tagging their stud pass rusher again, a report has come out that suggests that wouldn’t be a very good idea.

Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrencerepeatedly has said he won’t sign a second franchise tender. He most recently said it at the Pro Bowl and reiterated it on social media with a point-blank message to the Cowboys: Your move.

That doesn’t mean the Cowboys won’t use the franchise tag again. Of course they will if they don’t have a long-term contract completed by March 5, which is the hope of both sides.

The $20.56 million franchise tag would buy the Cowboys time to negotiate a long-term deal, giving them another four months absent an agreement in the next two weeks. But it could make the talks more contentious.

Lawrence reportedly is not having shoulder surgery without a new contract.

Cowboys add Adam Kleffner as assistant offensive line coach, will help Marc Colombo - David Howman, Blogging the Boys

In 2018, Marc Colombo started out as the assistant offensive line coach under Paul Alexander, but during the bye week he was promoted to Alexander’s job. Now, Colombo has found his new assistant offensive line coach.

Jerry Jones said he and Jason Garrett “have real trust” - Charean Williams, PFT

Much has been made about Jerry Jones’ decision to not extend Jason Garrett’s contract and make the longtime Cowboys coach enter 2019 with nothing guaranteed beyond the year, but on Tuesday Jones reiterated that he has a lot of trust in Garrett despite what it may look like to the naked eye.

“I am and Jason is, we’re both happy with where we are,” Jones said Tuesday, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “We’ve done this before. We both have real trust in each other, a little more unique than normal.”

DEEP DIVE INTO THE DALLAS COWBOYS 2019 SALARY CAP - John Williams, Inside the Star

As the Cowboys prepare for the start of free agency, they have to look at their own players they want to extend and other free agents they will want to sign, all while remembering to save room for the rookies they’ll draft in April. All of this gets complicated by the salary cap, but the Cowboys actually are in a good position going in.

According to, the 2019 Salary Cap is estimated to be around $190 million. After the release of Terrance Williams, the Dallas Cowboys are expected to have nearly $48 million in cap space available to them when free agency opens on March 13th.

When you look at that number by itself, it doesn’t look like a lot with big money contracts coming to DeMarcus Lawrence, Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott, and Byron Jones. Remember, though, the salary cap may be a fixed number, but contracts are pliable, meaning the team can do several things to create cap space through releases, how they structure new contracts, and restructures.

Travis Frederick ready for a normal offseason with Cowboys - Todd Archer, ESPN

Travis Frederick sat out the full 2018 season after being diagnosed with Guillan-Barre syndrome, and while he’s still working towards a clean bill of health, the All Pro center has indicated he plans on being ready for 2019. In the meantime, Frederick is looking forward to a normal offseason.

Now the goal is to be the player he was before GBS, not just to return. He is running but not full sprinting yet. His lifting is at about 90 percent of the highest total he has ever lifted and he is confident the explosion will return fully to his lower body.

He has been at The Star intermittently in the offseason, but will be a near-daily visitor for what the players term the “captains’ workouts” before the offseason program begins. He is not sure he will be allowed to do everything, just as every injured player works back in slowly.

”There’s so many steps that are involved that it’s hard to really look at that at May or April what it is. I’m excited for the next time that I get to get in the weight room and see where I’m at, and then I’m excited for March to get going with everybody around and I can feel a part of that group again,” Frederick said. “And then I’m excited to put the helmet on and go out there and do some football movement again. It really is a buildup and I’m just looking forward to that whole process.”

Jerry Jones talks about Kellen Moore - @jonmachota

In addition to all of the other comments Jerry Jones made about his team on Tuesday, he took some time to discuss his new offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore. Like many others within the team, Jones had good things to say about the young coordinator, and specifically highlighted Moore’s communication skills.

Why wide receiver depth would be a problem if the Cowboys lose Cole Beasley - Staff, SportsDay

The Cowboys have been re-working their wide receiver corps since last offseason. They may have more work to do this offseason, especially if Cole Beasley leaves.

“Cole Beasley, I think there is going to be some interest out there. I don’t think the interest will be at the financial level that he expects. And if it’s not, I do see him coming back here. Much like Terrance Williams a couple years ago who on Monday was released.

”If you lose Cole Beasley, now suddenly you’re looking at it really your only productive receivers are Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. And you have a decision with Allen Hurns who had that horrendous injury in a playoff game.”

Sherrington: ”When will he be able to come back?”

Moore: ”Well you’re looking at probably training camp. But you’re going to have to make a decision before then.”

Fixing the Cowboys’ offense: Dallas’ red-zone woes could improve with these changes from within its own roster - Kate Hairopoulos, SportsDay

If the Cowboys want a better offense in 2019, one thing they need to do is fix the issues in the redzone. Here are some suggestions.

Find a go-to tight end target. The Cowboys didn’t necessarily have a player that could go up and fight for contested balls in the end zone last season, something former receiver Dez Bryant specialized in. Tight end Rico Gathers remained on the roster because of the chance to use his big frame as a target in the end zone, but he only got two targets in the red zone. Few passes went to tight ends inside the 20, period, though second-year TE Blake Jarwin broke through with three touchdowns in the regular-season finale, including two in red-zone situations.

Make better use of the offensive weapons at your disposal. WR Cooper is a gifted route runner, but that didn’t seem to have as much of an impact in the red zone. Only two of his six touchdowns came in the red zone. With an offseason to scheme plays for Cooper, that could improve.

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