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Looks like Jaylon Smith has started recruiting Tyler Eifert to the Cowboys

Welcome to the social media era in the NFL, where Cowboys players are recruiting.

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We live in a day and age where messages are exchanged over the internet that influence a lot of big decisions. It’s 2019 for goodness sake.

This obviously includes the umbrella that social media falls under. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, there’s a platform for everything and they can often play a role in professional sports. How’s that, you ask?

Often times athletes will take to their own personal profiles in an effort to control the messages that they want out. We’ve seen this with players making announcements, clearing the air, so on and so forth. We also see players from teams across all sports communicate with one another and often times, even recruit each other.

Jaylon Smith is already recruiting Tyler Eifert to the Cowboys

One of the more active Dallas Cowboys on the social media streets is star linebacker Jaylon Smith. He is very aware of how these platforms can help his brand and he steers into that. Good for him.

On Monday night Smith used social media for a different purpose. It’s no secret that former Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert is a free agent target of many Cowboys fans, and Smith has clearly heard those cries and is wiling to act as our group ambassador. He dropped some bread crumbs in the most serious way possible... the eyes emoji.

Something like this hasn’t happened to the Cowboys since Dez Bryant tried to recruit Darrelle Revis (sort of). Dallas hasn’t really had a player like Dez that was willing to step into a public forum like Twitter for purposes like this, Smith definitely fits that mold though.

Many have connected the Eifert dot to the Cowboys in that his brother in law is Zack Martin, plus the two played together at Notre Dame (they were also roommates). Another proud member of the Fighting Irish just so happens to be Jaylon Smith so perhaps he wants another Golden Domer on America’s Team.

There was no crossover between Eifert and Smith in South Bend, but it’s clear that the latter wants there to be in their professional lives. At the very least this whole thing is cool to see in that Smith is taking on a leadership role of a different type. He always speaks with such pride when it comes to getting to play for the Cowboys, good for him trying to wrangle up some talent to help.

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