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Jason Witten is RETURNING to the Dallas Cowboys!


Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It was just before the NFL Draft last season that the Dallas Cowboys were hit with the news that Jason Witten would be retiring to serve as the voice of Monday Night Football. Not even one year later, that’s over. Jason Witten is returning to the Cowboys!

The Cowboys entered this offseason with the challenge to fill the void left by Witten for the first time. It was going to be difficult to replace a legend so why not get the legend himself?

It had previously been reported that Jason Garrett tried to bring Witten out of retirement and it seems like he finally got the job done. This is gigantic news.

It says an awful lot about the current state of the Cowboys that Jason Witten would return to play for them. His presence in the locker room cannot be quantified and he will surely provide a boost to the 2019 squad.

Gold Jacket Witt is back!

Update: 1:20pm ET

Contract details for Witten have emerged.

Update: 1:25pm ET

If you thought we were going to see the same version of Witten, think again. He’s reportedly signing up for a more limited role. This could mean the Cowboys still draft or sign one, too.

Update: 1:30pm ET

There are some contradicting reports on Witten’s money. Adam Schefter has a different value.

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