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Imagine if Dak Prescott did what Jared Goff did in the Super Bowl

How would have Cowboys fans reacted if Dak Prescott laid an egg in the Super Bowl?

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

At long last the 2018 NFL season has come to a close. The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions once again, their third title in five seasons, thanks to a 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday in Atlanta.

The Cowboys were not playing in Atlanta, they did so back in November and got a nice win of their own. Instead, the Cowboys were at home watching because they were sent packing by the Rams in the divisional round out in L.A., an unfortunate reality that most have made peace with by now.

There’s no denying that the Rams are a very talented team with a bright future. They have one of the NFL’s most impressive young coaches in Sean McVay, one of the greatest defensive coordinators of all time in Wade Phillips, one of the best running backs in Todd Gurley, and plenty of other bells and whistles. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t enough against the mighty Tom Brady and the Patriots defense.

The Rams were really bad in the Super Bowl

In their defense, L.A. was going up against the greatest coach and quarterback ever in Bill Belichick and Brady. It’s hard to beat those guys (unless you have magic Nick Foles powers) and that was obvious all throughout “the big game.”

L.A. was kind of a mess, though. A big one. The Rams only scored three points (they did miss a field goal at the end) and despite being regarded as one of the league’s best offenses they didn’t get into the endzone a single time. That’s both an indictment of their performance and a testament to New England’s greatness.

What people will likely remember about how the Rams fared in Super Bowl LIII will be the three points, Todd Gurley’s usage, and Jared Goff’s bad game. You see the Rams only handed Gurley (again... one of the best backs in the game) the ball 10 times. It was an extension of his curious usage throughout the playoffs (save for the Cowboys game of course) which is clouded all the more every time a Rams official says that Gurley was fully healthy.

Jared Goff on the other hand, the number one overall pick in 2016, had one of the worst games from a Super Bowl quarterback that we’ve seen in some time. Now, Goff made it to the Super Bowl which is obviously a huge accomplishment, but as you’re likely well-aware the Rams aren’t exactly regarded to be a team that totally earned their place in the game of all games (Saints fans nod in agreement).

Goff completed half of his 38 passes for a measly 229 yards but the biggest demerit was without question his horrific interception as the Rams were trying to tie the game. Down by seven inside New England’s 30-yard line Goff threw up the ultimate YOLO (you only live once) ball for what looked like no apparent reason. It’s like he closed his eyes and chunked it.

This is one of the worst decisions that a quarterback can make at any point and Jared Goff did it in the Super Bowl. It was an all-around pedestrian effort from him, but this throw is without question the exclamation point of it. Can you imagine what would happen if a certain Dallas Cowboys quarterback had done this?

Yes, the world would be on fire if Dak Prescott had a brain fart similar to Jared Goff’s on the biggest stage possible. He’d be called trash and garbage and all sorts of clever insults (some not so clever) while Goff’s whoopsie will be filed under team errors by the Rams. It’s part of the reality that Dak plays for the Cowboys and Goff for the Rams, but it also remains true that we should look at the draftmates objectively at all times.

Jared Goff had a bad game in the Super Bowl but he’s still a very good quarterback. Remember this when evaluating Dak Prescott in the moments he has that aren’t so sterling. It’ll make the internet a much better place, and who doesn’t want that?

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