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Sports Illustrated’s staff picked the next five Super Bowl winners and nobody took the Cowboys once

More doubters for the Dallas Cowboys to prove wrong.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A lot can change in five years, just take a look at your own life and rewind back to the beginning of 2014 to see how much. Time, as they say, flies.

Five years ago Bruno Mars was fresh off of his Super Bowl XLVIII halftime performance and nobody had ever heard of Stranger Things. What will the world look like five years from now? What about our world, the NFL one?

This is a subject that the bright minds at Sports Illustrated decided to tackle recently, it is the offseason after all. 10 folks over at The MMQB were asked for their predictions as to who will win each of the next five Super Bowls. They didn’t have to say who would win which year, just where the trophies would live in five years time. Not a single one of them picked the Cowboys even once.

Via The MMQB

There was some joking around by one of the staffers which is why you see the team added at the bottom, but the rest is pretty unsurprising. The Kansas City Chiefs are the flavor of NFL voices everywhere as six voters think KC will win multiple Super Bowls in the next handful of years.

You’ll also see how the Cowboys are afforded no belief by anyone. They are one of 17 franchises who are not predicted to earn a single Lombardi over the next five years putting them with the likes of Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, Carolina, Cincinnati, Detroit, Green Bay, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Minnesota, New York Giants, San Francisco, Tennessee, and Washington.

The Chiefs love makes sense, so does the respect for the New England Patriots. What’s particularly interesting is that teams like the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders are assumed as Super Bowl winners here when their current teams show nowhere near the promise of the young Cowboys.

Which teams do you think will win the next five Super Bowls? Is it fair to include the Cowboys, or just us looking at things with blinders on?

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