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Analyzing the Cowboys’ “ideal” defensive draft prospect

Yes, there is a “type” when it comes to Cowboys draft prospects on defense.

The NFL is extremely unpredictable, but sometimes NFL teams are a little bit easier to dissect.

This is especially true when it comes to things like the NFL Draft. While no one can tell where a player will end up, we can discern things about certain clubs in terms of the preferences that they have.

Those that have followed the Dallas Cowboys for some time are hip to this idea. Part of this is true because they’ve had a head coach and overall structure in place for so long, but part of it is just how they operate. They have lines that they will not cross, measurements that they prefer, a proverbial box that they like to live and fit players in.

Over time we’ve put together (a special shout out to Bobby Belt of NFL Network for his help) some characteristics and delineations that apply to the defensive side of the ball for America’s Team. What measurements do they prefer? What are the thresholds that they will not go past? Sit back, relax, and learn it all.

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