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The 2019 Cowboys offense will feature seven Pro Bowlers

The Cowboys offensive starters have quite an impressive resumé.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The news that Jason Witten will be leaving the broadcast booth at ESPN to return to the Dallas Cowboys is fabulous. The offense gets a reliable tight end to help bring a little consistency back into the offense. His return gives the team three more Pro Bowl players than the Cowboys had at the start of last season - Witten, Travis Frederick, and Amari Cooper. The Cowboys now have seven of their starting offensive players who are Pro Bowl players. And we’re not talking about Pro Bowl players at some point in their career. All seven of these players are coming off of Pro Bowl seasons the last year they played in the league. Let’s go down the list and check out these Cowboys offensive Pro Bowlers:

11 Pro Bowls - Jason Witten

Age: 36

Experience: 15 years

Under contract: 2019

Jason Witten is a Cowboys legend and it’s great to have him back, but how much of a difference will he really make? His better days are behind him, right? Sure. But keep in mind, people have been saying that for years, yet he’s still out there doing Jason Witten things.

We can talk about how Witten was running around without his helmet during his glory years, but he’s still an effective tight end. He’s never hurt anyone with his speed, but he’s so technically sound that he still finds a way to get open again and again... and again.

He’s not a superstar tight end, but Witt’s a very reliable piece to the offense.

6 Pro Bowls, Tyron Smith

Age: 28

Experience: 8 years

Under contract: Through 2023

The Cowboys might have pulled off the steal of the century when they signed their young star tackle to an eight-year extension back in 2014 for less than $100 million. Smith was just a pup back then and ever since, he’s been one of the top tackles in the league. He’s still only 28 years old, but the mileage is starting to take a toll. He’s missed three games in each of the last three seasons. When healthy, he’s still an absolute beast.

5 Pro Bowls, Zack Martin

Age: 28

Experience: 5 years

Under contract: Through 2024

The best player on the Cowboys may very well be their right guard, Zack Martin. Right out of the gate, Martin was a monster on the offensive line. He was the missing piece that helped DeMarco Murray set a new franchise single-season rushing record in 2014. Martin has been an All-Pro in each of his five seasons in the league. He did show that he was human last season, missing the first game ever of his career with a knee injury. He’s so tough that he just rubbed some dirt on it and was ready to go for the playoffs.

4 Pro Bowls, Travis Frederick

Age: 27

Experience: 5 years

Under contract: Through 2023

Another offensive lineman who was quick to rise to the top was Travis Frederick. Like Martin, he never missed a game in his career entering the 2018 season. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome last year and missed the entire season. The team is optimistic that he’ll return for the 2019 season.

3 Pro Bowls, Amari Cooper

Age: 24

Experience: 4 years

Under contract: 2019, but an extension is coming.

Amari Cooper looked like the next up-and-coming wide receiver star after his first two Pro Bowl seasons in Oakland. But then, things started to fade as 2017 didn’t go so well. A midseason trade to the Cowboys revitalized his career and he’s set to thrive as Dak Prescott’s new favorite target. Cooper had 53 catches for 725 yards and six touchdowns in just nine regular season games last season with the Cowboys. If those numbers serve as any indication as to what’s to come, Cooper is going to be a big star in Dallas.

2 Pro Bowls - Dak Prescott

Age: 25

Experience: 3 years

Under contract: 2019, but an extension is coming

Cowboys fans have always dreaded the day that Tony Romo would finally call it quits, but thanks to an amazing rookie season by Dak Prescott, he made the transition a lot easier to handle. In fact, he played so well in 2016 that it ended Romo’s career a little earlier than expected. Dak has had his moments where he hasn’t been consistent and endured some early game struggles, but the kid keeps plugging away. Say what you want about him, but he’s proven time and time again that he’s a playmaker.

What do all these quarterbacks have in common? They all got paid a substantial amount of money when they signed their second contracts. Well, all except for Dak, but it’s coming.

2 Pro Bowls - Ezekiel Elliott

Age: 23

Experience: 3 years

Under contract: 2019, with fifth-year option available for 2020

The team spent years building a great offensive line that it just made perfect sense to bring in a superstar running back to run behind it. And that’s exactly what Ezekiel Elliott has done. He’s averaging over 100 yards a game for his career and has led the league in rushing in two of his first three seasons. He’ll power through you, go around you, and if you’re not careful - he’ll jump right over you. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles as they have never been able to beat the Cowboys with Zeke on the field.

If you add it all up, that’s 33 Pro Bowl appearances by those seven players. And every single one of them made it to multiple Pro Bowls before their rookie contract expired. Based on this trend, expect a lot more trips by this group.

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