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Get your Jason Witten “Y-Option” shirt here!

Celebrate Gold Jacket Witt.

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We’re not even a week into the world where Jason Witten returned to the Dallas Cowboys from the Monday Night Football booth, but excitement about one of the greatest players in franchise history suiting up once more is everywhere.

To celebrate this our friends at BreakingT have provided a brand new t-shirt in Jason Witten’s honor. The shirt commemorates his signature play, the Y-Option.


Shirts are $28 and sizes range from small all the way to triple extra large. I’ve gotten a few BreakingT shirts myself and I can tell you from personal experience that the material is very comfortable and user-friendly as far as fit. They don’t run small or big, your normal size is what you’d wear here.

Jason Witten being back with the Cowboys is a reality that is still very difficult to believe. Thankfully we have mementos so that we don’t have to pinch ourselves!

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