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Report: Offer Cowboys made to DeMarcus Lawrence was “not considered serious”

It looks like it could be tough negotiations between DeMarcus Lawrence and the Cowboys.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

While at the NFL Combine last week, the Dallas Cowboys reportedly made a contract offer to their star pass rusher, DeMarcus Lawrence.

A deal wasn’t struck as the Cowboys and Lawrence will officially be joined in holy matrimony by the franchise tag for the second straight year. Lawrence has been vocal about not wanting to play on the tag in 2019; the latest word is that he won’t show up for any official activities until a deal is completed. Lawrence will use all of his leverage to get the deal that he wants.

Tank made $17M on last year’s tag and the value for this season’s is over $20M. Any new deal will likely be valued at something in this neighborhood in terms of per year, but whatever the Cowboys offered the first time around seemingly wasn’t good enough. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, their offer “was not considered serious” by Lawrence’s camp.

Negotiating anything is about paying as little as you can to some degree, and maybe that’s the game that Dallas is playing. We don’t know if they low-balled Lawrence or if the pass rusher is just expecting some gargantuan number. What we do know is for now it seems like they couldn’t be much further apart as far as numbers go.

Dallas has until July 15th to strike a long-term deal with Lawrence or else they won’t be able to until after the 2019 season. If he truly is serious about not signing a second tag, and there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t be, that could set up for an ugly training camp period. Let’s just hope it gets resolved before then and we don’t have to deal with all of that.

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