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Justin March-Lillard on Dak Prescott: “You know he’s going to wear his heart on his sleeve”

Cowboys linebacker Justin March-Lillard discusses Dak Prescott, Sean Lee, and his own possible future in Dallas.

Divisional Round - Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

A lot has been made about how much the Dallas Cowboys players support their quarterback, Dak Prescott. It’s pretty obvious that he’s their guy.

In the latest episode of OchoLive on the BTB podcast network, Justin March-Lillard threw his name in the ring as far as guys that support the fourth-year quarterback. Our Dak conversation starts at the 27-minute mark.

Interestingly, JML notes that Prescott has a relationship with almost every Cowboys player, from stars to practice squad members. He also notes that Prescott participates in the weekly bible study and that he goes out of his way to have people that would otherwise maybe be outsiders be a part of his own daily routine.

March-Lillard noted that the Cowboys absolutely believe that Prescott can bring them out of any hole. A huge reason for this is that they’ve seen him do it before and have all the confidence in the world that he can do it again. Those are pretty powerful words.

The Cowboys believe in Prescott, no doubt.

March-Lillard also discussed some other interesting topics. He talks about what the 2018 season was like, when he knew Dallas could get it done, his thoughts on Sean Lee’s potential return, and what free agency could look like for him. One thing he said about Sean Lee: “He’s a great guy, he’s exactly what a Dallas Cowboy should be like.” Check out what else he had to say on Lee, and various other topics, in the audio above.

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