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Sean Payton is trying to quell the rumors that he’ll coach the Cowboys

The rumors will not go away, but Sean Payton isn’t buying into them.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Death, taxes, and someday Sean Payton will coach the Dallas Cowboys.

Have you caught your friends talking about Earl Thomas being traded to the Cowboys? That’s so 2018. The truly vogue thing these days, and really all days if we’re being honest, is that Sean Payton will one day coach America’s Team.

This is a rumor that Cowboys fans have kicked around for a long time, but it came a little bit more believable recently when word emerged that Teddy Bridgewater contemplated not re-signing with the New Orleans Saints for the very same reason. If somebody who’s recently played for Payton believed that, who wouldn’t?

Apparently that answer is Payton himself. Appearing on the radio on Thursday evening, he was asked about this very topic and took it upon himself to give as resounding of an answer as he could in order to try and put out the flames.

“I’ve got fleur-de-lis tattoos that can’t be erased!” Payton said during the interview.

If you’re somehow unaware, the fleur-de-lis is a hat tip to the Saints logo. Payton saying something like this is his version of “I love the Saints! I would never leave!” but we’re talking about a guy who once kept his contract extension in his briefcase for a period of time.

Also, it’s not like tattoos are forever-binding things for NFL head coaches. Rex Ryan infamously had a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey as an ode to his post as the head coach of the New York Jets (he later got the colors changed when he headed to the Buffalo Bills). That didn’t keep him there for eternity.

Sean Payton can say whatever he likes, but until Jason Garrett has a contract extension or someone else is leading the Dallas Cowboys the rumors will continue to swirl. Do you really believe there isn’t a tattoo artist who couldn’t turn his current tattoo into a star?

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