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Here’s what the Dallas Cowboys looked like the last time Tiger Woods won The Masters

Let’s look back to 2005.

PGA: Masters Tournament - Final Round Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday afternoon Tiger Woods won The Masters. It was incredible.

Sports fans all over the world rode through the emotion of an early start to The Masters and were treated to quite the finish. Tiger has won the most incredible tournament that the world of golf offers for the fifth time in his career, his 15th overall Major victory.

Tiger set a new record for distance between victories at Augusta by going 14 years since his last one there in 2005. That was a very different time for the world, but what did it look like for the Dallas Cowboys?

Things were very different for the Cowboys in 2005

In the springtime of 2005, the Cowboys were coming off of a disappointing 6-10 season that was the second in which Bill Parcells led the group. They had failed to build off of a promising season in 2003 the following year. Some things feel like they never change.

While coverage of the NFL Draft was certainly nowhere to the degree that it is today, people would have probably really enjoyed all the mocks we were treated to on a daily basis 14 years ago. The Cowboys had two first-round selections in 2005 thanks to a trade with the Buffalo Bills when they tried to land a quarterback (shout out to J.P. Losman).

The Cowboys managed to pull off a strong utilization of those two first-rounders when they drafted DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears with them. That whole 2005 draft class actually ended up being quite nice overall.

2005 Dallas Cowboys Draft Class

  • 1st Round: DeMarcus Ware
  • 1st Round: Marcus Spears
  • 2nd Round: Kevin Burnett
  • 4th Round: Marion Barber
  • 4th Round: Chris Canty
  • 6th Round: Justin Beariault
  • 6th Round: Rob Petitti
  • 7th Round: Jay Ratliff

The 2005 season didn’t go so well for the Cowboys

While Dallas rebounded from their poor record the year before in 2005, they still didn’t amount to much. They went 9-7 in Parcells’ third season leading the team. They did have a promising draft class so that’s worth something and the season ended with the Pittsburgh Steelers matching them (and the San Francisco 49ers) for the most Super Bowl victories by one franchise. Times have definitely changed there.

2005 also served as the 10-year anniversary for the Cowboys of the last time that they’d won their own Super Bowl. It was a season that saw Drew Bledsoe, Julius Jones, and Terry Glenn lead the team in passing, rushing, and receiving respectively... here’s hoping for production that far exceeds that this upcoming season.

Things are very different today than they were 14 years ago. For instance instead of having two first-round draft picks the Cowboys don’t have any. They also play in a stadium that they’ve been in for 10 seasons. Life comes at you fast that way.

Congratulations to Tiger Woods. Let’s hope what follows his win at Augusta is extremely different for us this time around.

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