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Russell Wilson’s deal sets new high-bar for QB’s, could affect Dak Prescott’s upcoming extension

Every new contact for a top-tier QB can affect the deal for Dak Prescott.

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

At the top of the Dallas Cowboys to-do list is work out an extension for quarterback Dak Prescott. The Cowboys franchise QB has been woefully underpaid through his first three years in the league and certainly deserves a healthy raise. The standard for highest paid quarterback was Aaron Rodgers, but he has some new competition in Russell Wilson who completed a new contract with the Seattle Seahawks over night. Based on what kind of accounting you use, his deal surpassed the Rodgers deal.

With the new money in the contract Wilson announced early this morning and the money that was left on the final year of his old deal, Wilson is reportedly set to total $157 million over the next five years. That’s an average of $31.4 million a year.

When Rodgers signed a new contract in August, it added four more years to the two he still had on his old deal, bringing his take to a total of $174.8 million over six years. That’s an average of $29.1 million a year.

If you’re just looking at the new money in the deal, it lines up like this.

That also sets records.

In addition to topping Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ contract as the richest ever with a new-money annual average of $35 million per season, Wilson’s signing bonus also sets a new record. Rodgers was first in both categories at $33.5 million and $57.5 million, respectively, on the extension he signed last summer.

The guaranteed money is extraordinary.

Recently, we posted a prediction from Bill Barnwell for Prescott.

What his new deal could look like: Six years, $168 million with $60 million guaranteed at signing

We now have a new highest-paid player in the league. Should Prescott’s contract live in this neighborhood? Well, there is this comparison of Prescott’s and Wilson’s first three years in the NFL.

Of course, Wilson did pocket a Super Bowl win in his second year and lead his team back the following year, only to lose on an unbelievable play call on the goal line. In the playoffs this past year, Prescott led the Cowboys to a victory over Wilson’s Seahawks.

We’ll wait and see what Prescott gets, but it’s going to be substantial.

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