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Stephen Jones doesn’t think the Cowboys will trade up in 2019 draft

The Cowboys won’t try to concoct a deal that significantly moves them in the draft.

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The dream is over. Well, it wasn’t really a dream for most of us in the first place, but if you were harboring the notion that the Cowboys would somehow get themselves back into the first round of the draft, or at least toward the top of the second, don’t count it. Stephen Jones doesn’t think so.

Dallas is currently set to make their first pick at No. 58 overall and Jones called it “real hard to think” that the Cowboys would be making any move that significantly changes that outlook.

I don’t think so,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It took an act of Congress to give up a first-round pick. We know how valuable those are. It took a lot of discussion, a lot of homework, a lot of really getting your hands around giving up a first round pick, and certainly, it’s something that you don’t love to do without. We would certainly do the same thing over again in terms of what it did for us with Amari Cooper and what’s it going to do for our future.”

Jones notes that trading a first-rounder for Amari Cooper was difficult to do in 2018. One way the Cowboys could get back into the first round this year would be to package up their 2020 first-rounder in a deal, but Jones seems to put the kibosh on that by noting how hard it was for the Cowboys to trade this year’s first-rounder for Cooper (although he does mention it was certainly worth it).

Otherwise, it would probably take a player of significance to get the Cowboys back in the first round. If you look at the values of the Cowboys picks on a trade chart, they just don’t have a lot of firepower. We’ll use DraftTek’s chart as an example which is based on the Jimmy Johnson chart.

The Cowboys second-round pick is worth 320 points and their third-round pick is worth 140 points. Together, they would be worth 460 points. That would get you to Green Bay’s pick in the second round, #44 overall. You start to see the very high mountain Dallas would have to climb to get their way back into the first round, or even high second round. Without spending next year’s first-rounder, or including a player of significant value, you just can’t get there. If you added up all six picks for the Cowboys, you would get 567.5 points, and that would get you between the first and second pick of the second round.

Our friend Rich Hill, who writes for the SB Nation blog Pats Pulpit, created an updated chart based on on 124 recent draft pick only trades to try and better reflect the reality of how team’s value picks in today’s day and age. In his chart, the Cowboys are essentially in the same position, moving up only one spot on the traditional chart to #43 overall by trading their second- and third-round picks. They could trade their whole draft and maybe get back in the first round at pick #32.

A more plausible trade up scenario would involved trading their second-rounder and maybe their first fourth-rounder to move up six or seven spots into the low 50s if there is a player that has slid that they really want.

Otherwise, expect the Cowboys to pick for the first time at #58.

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