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The 2019 Dallas Cowboys schedule is here!

The Cowboys 2019 schedule in all its glory!

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

We’re inching closer and closer to the NFL Draft which means one thing... NFL schedule release.

The National Football League announced their 2019 schedule on Wednesday evening, although they couldn’t avoid a bunch of leaks throughout the day. Feast your eyes upon it.

2019 Dallas Cowboys schedule

  • Sept 8: New York Giants 4:25 PM FOX
  • Sept 15: at Washington Redskins 1:00 PM FOX
  • Sept 22: Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM FOX
  • Sept 29: at New Orleans Saints 8:20 PM NBC (Sunday Night Football)
  • Oct 6: Green Bay Packers 4:25 PM FOX
  • Oct 13: at New York Jets 4:25 PM CBS
  • Oct 20: Philadelphia Eagles 8:20 PM NBC (Sunday Night Football)
  • BYE
  • Nov 4: at New York Giants 8:15 PM ESPN (Monday Night Football)
  • Nov 10: Minnesota Vikings 8:20 PM NBC (Sunday Night Football)
  • Nov 17: at Detroit Lions 1:00 PM FOX
  • Nov 24: at New England Patriots 4:25 PM FOX (Sunday before Thanksgiving)
  • Nov 28: Buffalo Bills 4:30 PM CBS (Thanksgiving)
  • Dec 5: at Chicago Bears 8:20 PM FOX (Thursday Night Football)
  • Dec 15: L.A. Rams 4:25 FOX
  • Dec 22: at Philadelphia Eagles 4:25 FOX
  • Dec 29: Washington Redskins 1:00 PM FOX

It’s not shocking to see the Cowboys max out on primetime games, they are America’s Team after all. While there are people who are probably perplexed that the Patriots game isn’t one of them... there’s no doubt that FOX protected it from getting poached by NBC.

Seeing the Giants in Week 1 is literally a tradition, but it will be strange to be done with them almost at the midpoint of the season. Looking at this thing overall the first three weeks are going to be very important for the Cowboys to build a cushion. They get to take on Eli Manning, Case Keenum, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. It won’t ever be that easy again.

Back to the Patriots though, that game is going to kick off quite a run for the Cowboys. December doesn’t look easy at all, but we will have a Thursday Night Football game seven days after Thanksgiving in Chicago just like we did in 2014. The Cowboys won that game so here’s hoping that they do that again in 2019.

Thanksgiving had been rumored to potentially be Miami, but Buffalo will be a lot of fun and nostalgic for many. Perhaps Cole Beasley is the happiest person of anyone as he’s quite used to the tradition, he’ll just now be doing it in the visiting locker room.

Personally I’m planning on trying to head out to the game in New England. What game will you be trying to get to?

Cowboys Preseason Schedule

Aug 10: @ San Francisco 49ers 9:00 PM

Aug 17: @ L.A. Rams (Hawaii) 10:00 PM

Aug 24: Houston Texans 7:00 PM

Aug 29: Tampa Bay 8:00 PM

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