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Dak Prescott to Kyler Murray: So what if they doubt you, they doubted me too

The Cowboys quarterback has some advice for the most-watched player this week.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s officially the week of the 2019 NFL Draft. Seven days from now many prospects will have new homes as their futures begin to unfold.

There is perhaps no NFL draft prospect that will be watched more intently than Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray. The Heisman Trophy winner is expected by many to be the first overall pick on Thursday night, whether he’s joining the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, or someone else remains to be seen... but whoever drafts him will have to answer a lot of questions.

Some believe that Murray is too small to play quarterback in the NFL. They believe that his skills from Norman won’t exactly translate to Sundays in the fall. Among the non-believers in Murray you won’t find Dak Prescott. The Cowboys quarterback believes in Murray, so much so that he launched a video in partnership with OU and NFL Network to prove it.

You’ll remember that Prescott didn’t hear his name called until 135 picks in three years ago. Since then he’s gone on to set countless records, win division titles, and, as of just a few months ago, even taste success in the postseason. He proved a lot of people wrong, he continues to do so by the way, and he knows a thing or two about doing it in the spotlight.

It’s admirable that Prescott would so vocally voice support for someone like Murray. This is a player that just a few months ago people thought would be playing baseball professionally. He’s someone who during the week leading up to the Super Bowl did not do himself any favors as far as public perception.

None of that seems to matter to Prescott, though. He’s got Murray’s back. It’ll be interesting who else does come Thursday night.

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