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Four Cowboys takeaways from the Chiefs-Seahawks trade of Frank Clark

What did we learn?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We’re still a few days away from the 2019 NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean big moves aren’t happening.

On Tuesday the Kansas City Chiefs traded with the Seattle Seahawks and acquired one of the better pass rushers in the NFL, Frank Clark. The terms of the trade have people questioning what exactly the Chiefs are doing.

Kansas City receives:

  • Defensive end Frank Clark
  • Seahawks 2019 third-rounder (No. 84 overall)

Seattle receives:

  • Chiefs 2019 first-rounder (No. 29 overall)
  • Lower of Chiefs two 2020 second-rounders (one pick)
  • Chiefs 2019 third-rounder (No. 92 overall)

Earlier this offseason the Chiefs traded away Dee Ford to the San Francisco 49ers, that’s how they acquired that second second-rounder. The 49ers would sign Ford to a 5-year, $87.5M deal. That’s not quite the 5-year, $105.5M deal that Clark just got with the Chiefs.

There’s a lot to take away from this blockbuster trade as it pertains to our Cowboys. Let’s begin.

Could the Cowboys have gotten that for DeMarcus Lawrence?

There was a pretty strong “we should trade Tank” camp before Lawrence signed his long-term deal with the Cowboys. If you knew then that you could pull off a 2019 first-rounder (the 29th pick in this case), a second-rounder next year, and a third-rounder this year... would you have done it?

That’s a lot of draft capital to give any team to play with, and given that Seattle now has Russell Wilson on the richest contract in NFL history they’re going to need some cheap talent. While those picks would have been enticing for the Cowboys it’s fair to wonder whether taking that for a player of Lawrence’s caliber would have really been worth it.

Kansas City was reportedly somewhat in on DeMarcus Lawrence before Dallas locked him down. They were obviously willing to give up this sort of compensation, it just went to Seattle instead. Given that the Cowboys are somewhat close to winning it all now (a matter that can be debated another day if you wish) it’s the better move to keep the star pass rusher. Speaking of...

Having a pass rusher is a very nice thing in football

The Frank Clark trade serves as the latest reminder for just how valuable pass rushers are in the NFL. Quarterbacks are the most important position in the game, the guys that ruin their abilities are right up there as well.

Dallas knows this lesson which is why they made DeMarcus Lawrence the highest-paid player in franchise history. Lawrence is a better player thank Clark, that isn’t a slight to Frank, and he doesn’t have the checkered past that the newest member of the Chiefs does either. What’s more is that he is technically making less than Clark. Welcome to market rate.

Dallas was wise to pay DeMarcus Lawrence when they did

Frank Clark is technically going to make more per season with the Chiefs than DeMarcus Lawrence will with the Cowboys (a difference of less than $1M per season), but the fact remains... it’s more.

Again, Frank Clark is a very good football player. No one here is disputing that; however, he is not as good as DeMarcus Lawrence. Reading his contract details is likely not super enjoyable for Chiefs fans.

Why did Clark get more than Lawrence? Why? Lawrence is better, right? He got more because that is what the market dictated. In a supply and demand world if you’re demanding things you are in control. Clark had the leverage and was able to technically come out on top. It’s a small victory but one nonetheless.

This is exactly why the Cowboys need to take care of Dak Prescott ASAP

The longer that the Cowboys wait to pay Dak Prescott the more likely it is that they’re going to have to pay more. It’s simply the way that the market works.

Just like Frank Clark got more than DeMarcus Lawrence, every quarterback that signs between now and Dak is going to serve as another name and contract for Prescott to get more than. It’s simply the way that the market works. I wrote it a second time because it’s that important.

Dallas is already dealing with Russell Wilson’s latest contract and that muddies the waters enough to cause riots. Whoever else signs between now and Dak is going to make matters all the more complicated. Get it done. As soon as possible. Please.

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