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We can’t wait to see Robert Quinn use his defensive talents as a Cowboy | Film Room

A team can never have enough talented pass rushers, and Robert Quinn is certainly one of them.

The Cowboys continued their active off season by acquiring defensive end Robert Quinn from the Miami Dolphins in exchange for the Cowboys’ sixth-round pick in 2020. This is a huge deal for the Cowboys. Quinn is a talented pass rusher and they managed to acquire him at a bargain basement price.

The pass rusher has some impressive film from the 2018 season with the Miami Dolphins.

Take this play from Week 13 against the Buffalo Bills. Late in the fourth quarter, the Dolphins were holding on to a four-point lead as the Bills faced 3rd and 16 on the 30-yard line.

This is an interesting situation. On 3rd and extra long, a pass is expected, but the Bills were on the fringe of field goal range. With just under five minutes to play, if the Bills could come out of this drive with at least a field goal, they could leave Miami with a win.

Quinn lines up at the right defensive end, matched up against Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins. On the snap, Quinn bursts up the field using a club rip move effectively. First, he strings Dawkins’ outside shoulder with his right hand, then finishes through with his left hand.

Quinn closes in on Bills quarterback Josh Allen, and uses his right hand to strip the ball. The only thing better than a sack is a strip sack. The Bills recover, but were pushed back so far that they miss the 55-yard field goal attempt and the Dolphins hold on to win the game.

Want more film of Quinn in action? Take this play from Week 2 of the 2018 season against the New York Jets. There are three minutes left in the first half and its 3rd and 11. Quinn lines up as the right defensive end matched up against Jets left tackle Kevin Beachum. Quinn once again bursts off the line with speed to the edge, but this time as the left tackle turns, Quinn cuts to his inside. He uses the same club rip move we saw in the previous clip, but this time Quinn clubs the tackle’s inside shoulder with his left hand and rips through with his right. This creates enough momentum for him to get past the left guard and sack quarterback Sam Darnold.

You can never have enough talented pass rushers and the Cowboys added a good one to their group in Robert Quinn.

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