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It turns out Will McClay was part of the team pushing Taco Charlton over TJ Watt

Everybody was in on the Cowboys pick that hasn’t worked out so far.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t have a first-round pick in last night’s NFL Draft and that’s great news for the rest of the league. The front office has been completely owning the first round in recent years. They have an impressive All-Pro list that consisting of seven of their last nine first-round picks. That’s remarkable.

One of those picks was Morris Claiborne which occurred seven years ago and we’ve moved on from that. But the second mishap is Taco Charlton, who was selected just a couple years ago. While the book isn’t closed on Taco just yet, it doesn’t look very good. The team made a trade with the Miami Dolphins to acquire veteran edge rusher Robert Quinn this offseason, which will inevitably chew into Charlton’s opportunities this upcoming season.

There have been different stories floating around about who was actually responsible for the Taco pick. Some of those stories have been told in a way that describes the coaching staff pounding the table for Taco, much to the chagrin of the Cowboys Vice President of Player Personnel, Will McClay. According to urban legends, McClay was in favor of another popular edge rusher, T.J. Watt. This is the story that was told previously by Bryan Broaddus, however yesterday on The Draft Show, Broaddus cleared the air. He said that McClay was on board with picking Taco.

The good part of this is that the team was not scattered all over the place in 2017 to where they panicked. There was a consensus and that consensus was Taco Charlton. The team saw him as a guy who had the size and traits to offer great upside. His college production didn’t jump out at you, but he was going against some of the best competition in the nation and they felt there was room for him to go. This wasn’t a Rod Marinelli decision. This wasn’t a Jason Garrett decision. While both coaches might have been highly in favor of the Michigan star edge rusher, this was a team decision with McClay in favor of it.

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