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Three rookies who might just fight their way onto the Cowboys 53-man roster

These under-the-radar rookies have a fighting chance at helping the Cowboys this year.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

In honor of Grumpy Cat (RIP), we’re going to look at a different kind of cat today - the pet cat. Every year Cowboys fans pick their pet cat and root for them in training camp and during preseason games. Most of the time, our hearts are broken as they get released before the season commences, but here are three guys you might want to bet on for 2019.

OL Mitch Hyatt, Clemson - undrafted

What are the chances of an undrafted free agent making the squad on a unit that is one of the strongest position groups on the team? Slim to none would be the normal answer, but Hyatt isn’t your normal UDFA. There’s no way he should’ve gone undrafted. Of course, teams have different strategies late in the draft and that means good players fall. It happens all the time. Hyatt is a four-year starter on one of the top teams in the nation during that time.

What I’m excited about: The way he moves. Hyatt is fundamentally sound and does a great job of putting himself in the right position to make the block.

What I’m interested in seeing: How well does he handle the bigger guys? Hyatt still needs to build up his strength and could be susceptible to some of the stronger pass rushers. He’s shown he can handle his own with the best of them, but will that continue at the NFL level?

S Donovan Wilson, Texas A&M - sixth-round draft pick

I don’t like to just leisurely throw the word “pet cat” around because I’m the type of guy that gets attached to a whole litter of exciting new prospects, but if I had to pick one player right now - Wilson would be my guy. I hold a special place in my heart for smart guys who play with a lot of passion and that’s exactly what Wilson is. He can be a little bit of a head-hunter and his over-aggression will cause him to be out of position at times, but he’s a guy that’s going to put in the effort to clean these things up. The first time he lays the smack down on special teams, don’t be surprised if the love for him starts growing.

What I’m excited about: Wilson is a very sharp player who shows great awareness of what’s going on. His natural leadership and route-recognition could mean he’s more NFL ready than most late-round draft picks.

What I’m interested in seeing: The fact that Wilson brings the physicality of Kavon Frazier, yet at the same time is pretty serviceable in coverage. His versatility could make him a more viable piece of the safety rotation.

CB Chris Westry, Kentucky - undrafted

The Wildcats backup cornerback has been on our radar as he was one of the 65 players on our final big board as a potential late-round pick. His size and press ability just seems to fit perfect with what Kris Richard likes in his corners. At 6’4” and 33 34 “ arms, Westry presents an imposing wingspan, and when you combine that with his 4.3 speed, he can provide quite an obstacle to throw over.

What I’m excited about: He’s a wild card wildcat, but you have to love the traits. He might not amount to anything, but then again - he could be a mold of clay Richard can work with. Westry is smothering, and if he can work out some of his balance issues, he might be a nice depth guy for the future.

What I’m interested in seeing: Can he be more disciplined with his hands? Westry is a grabber and as nice as it is to see him all over the receiver throughout the route, but if he can’t control his hands, he’ll be a liability out there.

That’s three pet cats, although Wilson is the one I like. Who you got, BTB?

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