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The security guard involved in Ezekiel Elliott’s Las Vegas incident is speaking out, wants an apology

The Ezekiel Elliott Las Vegas incident details continue to trickle out.

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Last week word broke that Ezekiel Elliott had been handcuffed, but not arrested, at a music festival in Las Vegas.

The incident that led to it all was a confrontation between he and a security guard. TMZ published video of it and there’s a lot open to interpretation.

Elliott doesn’t exactly have a clean record in the eyes of the NFL, his six-game suspension two years ago was a well-chronicled and drawn out battle that really highlighted how much power ultimately lies in the hands of the NFL Commissioner. Speaking of, Yahoo Sports reported on Monday that it’s “likely” that this incident will also be reviewed by Roger Goodell. Not surprising, but certainly not encouraging.

Due to what’s gone on in his career up to this point the realities are that Zeke could face punishment from this incident if the Commissioner decides that’s what makes sense. That office is the judge, jury, and executioner, and it can take this thing wherever it wants to.

The security guard from Las Vegas is now speaking out as well

Kyle Johnson is the named security guard that Elliott had his confrontation with. Zeke was not arrested nor charged when this incident took place, and in his interview with CBS Los Angeles Johnson notes that he didn’t press charges because he didn’t want to make a “rash” decision.

Johnson, who the interviewer later mentions plays football at Orange Coast College, mentions early on that he has looked up to Elliott and that it was disappointing to have the experience that he did with him.

Kyle Johnson: I wasn’t hurt or anything, but I mean, just to have someone that you looked up to shove you on the ground over a metal fence, I mean like, I don’t know. It’s not the biggest thing in the world, but I mean, like, really, nothing happened? I mean, come on.

Johnson also notes that Elliott threw his hands up after the altercation while saying that he (Elliott) didn’t do anything, but casts that point aside as he emphasizes that Zeke clearly did do something (in Johnson’s words).

Kyle Johnson noted during the interview that he told the police all he wanted from Ezekiel Elliott was an apology. Over a week into this there haven’t been many statements made save from Elliott’s lawyer and Jerry Jones.

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