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Predictions are rolling in and hype around the Cowboys is building

Looking ahead, the hype is high for the Cowboys.

NFL: Pro Bowl Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve just entered the month of May which means that, unfortunately, there are still a lot of months to go before football season officially arrives.

The NFL Draft has happened though, and that means that we know the basic idea of what rosters for each team are going to look like. Considering that we also know each team’s schedule this makes predicting the results of the season a little more easy (it’s still insanely hard).

In looking towards the future there seems to be a growing sense of optimism regarding America’s Team. Thursday got started with Good Morning Football posing the question as to whether the Cowboys would have more or less than 10 wins in 2019, which would give them a better record than last season. All of their analysts said more.

That’s three different people believing that Dallas will win at least 11 games. Surely that would be enough for a playoff spot and a likely second straight division title, it’s been a long time since the Cowboys put together back to back successful seasons of that caliber.

The pressure was turned up just a bit more when it came to the Rich Eisen Show where Rich not only predicted the Cowboys to win the NFC East, but to be playing in the NFC Championship Game. Well, he kind of said that.

It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like if the Cowboys were indeed one game away from the Super Bowl... it would be chaos. Dallas continues to knock at the door ever so slightly on a not-exactly-frequent basis, some sustained levels of success would say a lot about the current state of the franchise.

Maurice Jones-Drew seems to somewhat agree with Eisen by the way, at least in the sense that Dallas is going to be a serious contender. He has them winning 12 games in 2019, including 11 of their first 12!

None of this means anything as predictions are hardly an indication of how any team will finish a given season. What it does note though is that the national narrative around the Cowboys is starting to change ever so slightly. There’s even a perceived confidence in Kellen Moore as people tend to buy that he’s going to have a worthy impact on offense.

What do you think of the hype? Justified? Misplaced? Things are changing.

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