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Kellen Moore’s former teammate described the kind of offense he’ll run, and it sounds fun

Trying to get inside the mind of Kellen Moore.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the greatest mystery surrounding the 2019 Dallas Cowboys isn’t what the team will look like with a full season of Amari Cooper or how DeMarcus Lawrence will play now that he has his big-time contract. No no, it’s quite possible that the team’s former quarterback is where the intrigue lies.

To be fair, there are a lot of former quarterbacks hanging around the Cowboys these days, and with no disrespect to Jason Garrett or Jon Kitna, we’re talking about Kellen Moore. What Moore is able to do as the team’s new offensive coordinator is likely going to be what makes or breaks them as an overall unit come crunch time.

This is a team that is expected to at the very least contend for an NFC Championship Game appearance (that’s not the ultimate goal though) as they won their division and a playoff game a year ago. The time is now, and the time is Moore’s.

Of course, Moore spent part of his NFL career in a city besides Dallas. He started things off under Scott Linehan as a member of the Detroit Lions and it was there that he shared a room with Dan Orlovsky.

Dan Orlovsky’s description of Kellen Moore’s potential offense sounds like the exact opposite of Scott Linehan’s offense

Orlovsky isn’t coordinating an NFL offense these days, but he does lend his valuable insight to football fans everywhere thanks to his great Twitter account and appearances on ESPN. In fact, he recently made the rounds on the Mina Kimes Show and described what he thinks Moore’s offense could look like while discussing the merits of Dak Prescott and a new contract. It sounds awesome.

“I think it’s going to be an offense that is like Sean Payton married with Matt Nagy married with Mike Leach. Like they all had a baby and that’s what this offense is going to be.

This is going to be an offense that, it’s going to constantly move where Dak is throwing the ball from. And that’s kind of a catchphrase, “change the launch point”, but that matters. That matters when you have a guy that can move around and you have a really, really good running game. That’s a big part of your offense.

I also expect to see some really unique pre-snap motions and movements and shifts and trying to do things that are somewhat simple from an Xs and Os scheme standpoint, but always constantly changing the dress-up of it. I kind of analogize it to like, every guy in the world owns a navy suit. But the guys that wear it really well are constantly changing the shoes, and the socks, and the belt, and the pocket square where, if I stand next to the guy, we both have the same suit on but it looks totally different.

I just expect this offense to be constantly changing what it looks like before the snap. And then there’s going to be some college aspect to it, I promise you because Kellen’s background at Boise State. There will be some spread, four wide receiver, I would anticipate Dak being used as a runner more. I don’t know if it’s going to be an all-out thing, but third downs and redzone situationally stuff. That’s why there’s a lot of intrigue to it because what happens if Kellen Moore is really able to tap into who Dak is and all of his skills?”

Orlovsky and Moore spent time together with the 2014 Lions which, coincidentally, is the year that Scott Linehan really earned his keep as the Cowboys offensive coordinator. If Orlovsky is right in his obviously somewhat early assessment of the offense that Moore is going to run, that sounds like something that would be very exciting to see from the current day Cowboys.

We learned on Wednesday that Moore plans to be on the sidelines when he’s serving as offensive coordinator, and we also learned a lot about how he just might in fact be using Precott’s legs more. That thought is very intriguing.

The Kellen Moore hype is real, but will it work come the 2019 season? We’re on board to find out.

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