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One analyst thinks Cowboys are the NFC team with the best chances of dethroning the Patriots dynasty

America’s Team taking down America’s mascot?

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Mike Stone/Getty Images

On Thursday night the 2019 NBA Finals got going and as they’re a series between the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors, that put everybody in the mood to talk about dynasties.

You see, with one game of the series in the books, the Warriors are going for their third straight title and fourth in five years. They’re a dynasty and one of the more dominant teams to ever play in the Association. It is what it is.

The NFL has had a juggernaut like that running things for far longer than five years. A few months ago the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl in 18 seasons, the greatest run any dynasty has ever experienced in this game.

Who has the best chance to take down the Patriots, though? It seems like we’ve been asking this question forever (it’s been almost two decades to be fair), but until there’s an answer people will continue to wonder. Adam Schein recently did his best to figure out exactly who New England’s kryptonite will be, in fact he listed nine potential suitors.

Who was the top NFC team, though? Glad you asked.

Adam Schein believes the Cowboys are the NFC team with the best chances to dethrone the Patriots

We’ll get to see the Cowboys and Patriots actually square off in 2019, and there’s a chance that it could be for the last time in the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era (although with them who knows). November 24th is going to be a fun day in Foxborough.

Can the Cowboys really compete with the Patriots, though? Dallas hasn’t beaten New England since December of 1996, why should anyone believe they’ll be the NFC team to topple over the league’s reigning kings? Adam Schein explains:

Yes, there is legit dethroning ability here. Dallas can run the ball and play defense as well as any team in the league. Heck, they might even be the best at it. Ezekiel Elliott is a star. The linebacker core is excellent, with Jaylon Smith, Leighton Vander Esch and Sean Lee capable of dominating. DeMarcus Lawrence is one of the league’s top pass rushers, and the defensive backfield is underrated. With a full season of having Amari Cooper at his disposal, Dak Prescott could have the best year of his career. Jason Witten and Randall Cobb should help, even though they’re past their primes. Plus, don’t sleep on the impact Kellen Moore could have after being promoted from QBs coach to offensive coordinator. I’m really excited about his potential in that role.

The Cowboys are listed as the third team overall (Chiefs and Chargers as the top two) with the last two opponents that New England faced in the Super Bowl at four (Los Angeles Rams) and five (Philadelphia Eagles). That’s interesting considering Philly is the only team of those to actually beat the Patriots in a game of serious significance.

Schein’s optimism in the 2019 Cowboys is one that is shared by many, especially the rising tide of Kellen Moore. The idea of being able to run the ball and play strong defense is typically how people assume you beat most lethal teams, it’s how Dallas beat the New Orleans Saints last year to a degree and that was what really announced this group of players to the world.

Look, it’s a big thing to talk about dethroning the Patriots so it’s going to take a big effort from someone to ultimately get it done (plus Brady and Belichick moving on with their lives). It’s fair to consider the Cowboys among the teams in the NFL that have a strong chance of having success, but seeing this kind of confidence placed in them is definitely a step up.

It feels nice. And strange.

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