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Jerry Jones on Dak Prescott: We’re sold on Dak, we think he’s worthy of investing in for the long term

The man in charge of the Cowboys had some things to say on Monday.

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Clemson v Notre Dame Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

It’s been a while since we’ve been in the regular swing of things with Jerry Jones making public appearances, that tends to happen over the offseason.

We’re not totally void of Jerry in our lives, though. He typically finds a few ways to get his thoughts out into the ether and he found a way on Monday courtesy of his friend in Michael Irvin. The Playmaker served as a guest host on the Rich Eisen Show (watch it on DirecTV) and called up Mr. Jones to talk shop on the Cowboys.

Among the many things that Jerry discussed was the never-ending subject of Dak Prescott’s pending contract. You know you’ve reached a truly mad point on this idea when Michael Irvin is the one asking Jerry about it, for what it’s worth the latter stayed true to what he’s said all along... Dak is going to get paid.

“I think that we’re sold on Dak. We do want to have him for the long term. We think he’s worthy of investing in for the long term. He’s going into his fourth year now in the NFL. When you look at the snaps he’s had, when you look at the situations he’s been in, when you look at first of all how he got here... and then you see really how he’s performed. But we see real upside in Dak. You don’t have it all yet.”

“We love the way that he, I’m going to use the word ‘logically’, progresses through a game. You see when the going gets tough or you see when he’s got to come from behind, when he kind of turns it loose a little bit, you see him make those plays. All of those things embolden me to make a deal that puts him here with the Cowboys for the long term.”

Irvin pressed Jones on whether or not Dak would become the new-highest paid player in the NFL, and Jerry masterfully avoided the subject in a joking manner. It’s obvious that they’re going to pay Prescott but overall the Cowboys have done a great job of avoiding giving great details in terms of how much.

This wasn’t the only touchy subject that Jerry Jones discussed on Monday. He was also asked about Jason Garrett entering the final year of his contract, but one again he did a bit of a Texas two step to not say a whole lot.

“I think that it’s legitimate, it’s being noted that we’re in the last year of Jason’s contract. He’s been there before in his last year. It’s obvious to the world that Jason, as Bill Parcells used to say, might have a place in the family portrait as far as how valued he is. Jason is outstanding today, relative to where he was when he joined as a coach, offensive coordinator and then became the head coach. What has happened is, on our dime so to speak, on our fans on our team, is Jason has become outstanding.”

“So my complete rationale and my complete goal is now that he’s evolved to the level that he is, he always had all of the background, his dad was a great NFL man and he grew up around the kitchen table listening to being in the NFL. Then he has evolved and he didn’t go to Princeton because he couldn’t pass an SAT test for sure. So he’s smart, he’s articulate, and we’ve won a lot of ball games... my point is I’m satisfied with where we are with his contract right now. It is to be negotiated at some point in the future and we all know that we need to get out here and win ball games.

Jerry has been interesting about this whole subject for the last year if we’re being honest. While it does seem like there’s a certain bar that Garrett has to reach in 2019, Jerry himself did note that the coach is sort of in the family portrait. That’s saying without saying that he’s quite the valued member of the overall family.

Hopefully that stays harmonious.

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