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Source: Cowboys making more progress on Dak Prescott’s contract than on Amari Cooper’s

The Cowboys are trying to get deals done with Prescott and Cooper before the 2019 season.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After the DeMarcus Lawrence deal was done, the Cowboys turned their attention to the next stars who need contract extensions. It was generally agreed upon that Dak Prescott was priority 1a and Amari Cooper was priority 1b. A report today has the Cowboys making more progress on Prescott and than on Cooper.

The Cowboys are going to get a deal done with Prescott, and it’s going to be a whopper. Jerry Jones has made it clear that Prescott is the long-term future of the Cowboys and expectations are that the deal will be, at least, in the $30 million-a-year range. The Cowboys are reportedly making some headway on this deal.

The news from the Cooper negotiations are not as promising, although these types of things always seem to go this way until a deal finally gets done. Think of the recent DeMarcus Lawrence negotiations. The Cooper camp is setting the bar high according to a source.

And while Cooper’s demands were deemed shockingly high for a team that openly recognizes the floor of his contract is $16 million annually, the Cowboys seem to be nonplussed about making Prescott the highest paid player in team history.

Seven receivers make $16 million a year according to Spotrac. Sammy Watkins, Adam Thielen, Brandin Cooks, DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Evans and Antonio Brown all make between $16 to $16.7 million annually, while Odell Beckham makes $18 million. At this point, Cooper may be asking for the largest wide receiver contract in the game, topping Beckham’s. That could account for the Cowboys source terming it “shockingly high” but may just be a starting point for the Cooper camp, and the two sides eventually meet somewhere in the middle like the Cowboys did with Lawrence.

The report goes on to say that the team would like to complete deals with both players before the 2019 season begins. If that fails with either player, we could be looking at franchise tags in the future, although both parties would certainly like to avoid that.

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