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Report: Cowboys and Dak Prescott are in the middle of contract negotiations but are not “close”

We’re all waiting to see when the Dak Prescott deal will be done, and what it turns out to be.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

We’re not even to lunchtime on Wednesday and we’re already at a point this week where a whole lot has been said about Dak Prescott and his pending contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Such is the case with this particular subject.

It’s been basically common knowledge speculated that Dallas and their star quarterback (“He’s not a star!” shout the non-believers) will come to terms on a long-term contract extension this offseason. Whether you’re a fan or detractor of Prescott’s, it’s indisputable that he’s been the biggest bargain in professional sports since he entered the NFL.

The time is coming for the Cowboys to finally have to pay Dak, and we live in a world where quarterbacks make large sums of money. $30M per season seems to be the going-ish rate, and there are a lot of people who find that to be fair price for the position that you’re paying. I’m among them, as is my friend Ari Temkin from 105.3 The Fan, we discussed this matter on the latest episode of The Ocho.

Part of the reason this topic jumped back to the forefront of discussion this week was a former member of the Cowboys, Michael Irvin. The Playmaker was a guest host on the Rich Eisen Show on Monday and Tuesday, and with Jerry Jones as his guest the two got to talking and obviously the rest is easy to understand.

Despite raised eyebrows and now-scratched chins it doesn’t seem like a contract extension is going to happen immediately, though. NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported on Tuesday evening that talks are ongoing, in fact the Cowboys have already made their first offer, but that things are not “close.”

While there isn’t necessarily sign that a Prescott contract is dropping in the next five minutes there is at least some progress in terms of how that’s defined literally. What’s more is that Dallas is reportedly further along in their Prescott negotiations than they are in Amari Cooper’s. The quarterback is obviously the priority.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were all on alert for the next big Cowboys contract. It appears our next watch has just begun (not a purposeful Game of Thrones reference, but it can be one if your heart desires) and we’ll be waiting for a while.

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